"Content assist might be incomplete." - Increase memory?


I’m part of a development group supporting a research project and we are utilizing nodejs and tern to manage our javascript builds in eclipse. Our imported dependencies seem to have grown rather large, and we’re now experiencing the following on the command line:
“Size of scripts on script path exceeds 12MB. Content assist might be incomplete.”

This seems to be related to the TernFileSynchronizer.java line 57:
// allow to upload maximum 12MB
private static final int MAX_ALLOWED_SIZE = 12 * 1024 * 1024;

I cannot seem to find any other indication of someone running into this issue (which I found a bit surprising). Has anyone on this forum seen this issue before? Is it reasonable to attempt to modify this max allowed size to allow for larger project sizes?


That appears to be a limitation invented by the Java bindings (possibly with good reason). It doesn’t exist in the Tern project itself.